Response Driven Marketing Technology


Response Driven Marketing Technology

An Evolution of Marketing is taking place right before our eyes, yet many people don’t yet see the massive power coming down the pipe. This evolution started slowly, whereby the consumer started to realize the value they own.

For many years, consumers believed and lived in a way to believe and trust what was being delivered to them through media, provoking buyers to engage in spending.

This for a long time has been the science taught to marketing and business students in our universities til this very day. However, there are major shifts happening in the form of consumer empowerment, that is giving the consumer the power of “request”. Yes “REQUEST”!

For many years, consumers have felt this feeling of being dependent on business, and the bigger the business the more dependent they felt. This tide is turning quickly as technology, information and social networking expand to all populations. Each instance or awaking of consumer power builds a bond amongst all consumers, and helps them to identify the power the hold as one and more importantly collectively.

So, over the years this awakening, anger, distrust, social awareness, this unified power has been building. Now allow this to be bridged with technology and you start to feel the next steps in how businesses need to market.

In the past, the consumers would have to be at the mercy of the business person, business owner, business corporation and this accumulation of stories, bad experiences is in our memory as a society. It is never lost. So, in the future there will be a shift, slow at first, then all at once will topple the way we look at business today.

As social media expands and builds bridges amongst community, alliances, friends, acquaintances, and all the like minded folks that discuss and interact together will begin to recognize their “POWER”. The Power of a Request, begins to build and unify with other requests, thereby building bundles of requests for products or services.

This is the unified buying power that Groupon capitalized on just recently. They built on the concept of unified power, however they were built along the lines or “illusions” of again the business holding the power and stealing the profits. As that ball tumbled down the hill, it gained speed.

As the business Groupon saw these powers, they figured they could harness the goals of business and sell massively reduced offers to the public and thereby get many to buy, and then how it turns out, some used them others did not. The unused buys were then a big chunk of sales, so it left many consumers feeling dupped. Not only did the consumers feel dupped, competitors came out with copy cat daily deals very strongly.

So, in the end they all pounded the consumers like they have for so many years, sucked out as much value or $’s they could and shared with the businesses that took advantage of the business. To be continued…..

By Danco Sotirovski, CEO and Founder:


Home Painting Services Interior Exterior

Today I met with a few gentlemen that were at Starbucks in Troy, Michigan.  One of them was a painter and has been one for over 22 years.  As we talked he explained how in the past he has worked on painting new construction homes all over the metro Detroit area.  He explained his experience in remodeling homes in Sterling Heights, Michigan and all throughout Macomb County.  He talked about his years of having many painting jobs, and where he used to have over 20 guys working for him at one time when the economy was good.

He said he was so busy before, that he hardly had time to respond to quote requests.  He has painted everything imaginable.  Basements, Trim, Moulding, Ceilings, Walls, Siding, and much much more.  He has even painted cement floors in garages.

This man is looking for work, he has great experience.  I explained that if he was looking for painting work, please join for free and respond to requests for painting service work through the website.  If you know of someone that is interested in painting work and has painting work to get done.  Please submit your request to for FREE and wait for people to respond to you! it’ s that easy.

When I look for painters I always ask them for references and of course pictures.  There are many people that move in and out of the painting business depending if the work is abundant or not.  This man has a proven track record and we’re proud to have him as part of the WorkFly service provider team.

Submit your request to paint anything in your house or outside your house.  When talking about the house you love make sure you find the right painting contractor in oakland county, troy, birmingham, michigan that will prep your work so the paint is just right.

When painting preparation and understanding the painting job are critical.  There was a job in St. Clair Shores Michigan that a friend of mine found someone off craigslist and they came in and didn’t tape off all the hinges, door handles, light fixtures and moldings or even the edges of the wall.

Needless to say they asked me what to do, we immediately referred them to our jobsite and found them someone that knew what he was doing.  Using the right paint to in colder climates, and more humid climates makes all the difference in the world.  Make sure you ask your painter about what makes the paint job the best it can be.  This is all about how one can WorkFly.



Holistic Services in Michigan: Live Well Acupuncture

In today’s world, healthcare, especially in Michigan and around Metro Detroit, and preventative care seems to be all the buzz.   At we strongly believe in the benefits of preventative care.  We believe that a healthy person is a more productive person.   Healthy means many different things to many different people. produced in December an event we called Live*Well in Birmingham Michigan, a suburb of Detroit.  The goal of this event was to introduce people from the area to service providers that could help people be aware of preventative and healing alternatives offered in the area.  This event was an introduction to many different forms of preventative and ongoing health.

I think in America we have been conditioned to think that we go to the doctor when we’re sick and they doctor gives us something and we’ll be fine and we can just go back to doing what we were doing. like it’s service system, believes that health is a lifestyle, not a trip to the doctor.  Like any service, especially health it needs to be maintained to avoid future more costly repairs or fixes.

When we treat our bodies with respect, and look to heal the body, it is a system of living, not a one time fix.  All of the service providers that spoke at our event brought a variety of ongoing Live*Well talks that discussed many different topics.  In this particular article, I want to talk about Acupuncture in Birmingham, Michigan, Oakland County and how Alice Huangs experience as a professionally trained Acupuncturist can really help open blockages to health.

Her practice helps to many people all around Metro Detroit, Michigan to feel better about themselves through using the ancient secrets of Acupuncture Services and Doctors from China to America, right here in Birmingham, Michigan, Detroit Area.

At we focus our intentions on connecting you quickly and easily to the service providers you want and need.   When someone for instance has back pain, leg pain, migraine headaches, and you need a service provider like Alice Huang, then you can have an alternative method to healing this pain.

There are many other ways to heal these pains, and there are many other pains that Alice Huangs Clinics can heal, one way to find out is to go to her website: where you can see all the details about her services.  Or you can go to our website: and request her to respond to you.  Explain what is you service need and you can wait for the right provider for your symptoms to respond to you, it’s that simple.

Plumbing Service: Sewer clean out

After years of trouble with the sewage many people opt to get a professional to snake out their sewer.  Especially since we have had such a ton of rain this spring.  Many people get a professional when they have tried all the products that are out there.


Spring is a great time to workfly

After the long rainy spring it seems such a waste to spend all of our time hunting for contractors.  So, just go to and request a service and we will have people respond to you.



Workfly in Pontiac is ready to service needs

After a few months of testing workfly is now ready to service many different service requests.

Workfly is advertised this month in Warren, Michigan in the Home Improvement section of the Warren Weekly Newspaper.

Workfly has already received many requests for service from Warren, Detroit, Michigan.
Many contractors that are looking for work have found a great place to respond to new business opportunities.

Our system is very strong in the Metro Detroit area specifically in Sterling Heights, Pontiac, Shelby Township, Madison Heights, Royal Oak, Birmingham, Ferndale, Troy, St. Clair Shores, Grosse Pointe, Hazel Park, Oak Park, Novi, and Northville Michigan.

The services that people are looking for seem to be roofing, plumbing, heating and cooling, cpa, legal services, fitness, auto repair, transmissions, tire service,

Thanks to everyone that came out see Twenty Three this Saturday at Workfly.

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